Stuffed pork chops are really easy. They are also really tasty. I made them for my birthday dinner a little over a month ago.

I make them using my sage stuffing recipe, but you can use a mix.

Serves 4.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit/190 Celsius.

You will need a baking pan that will fit all four pork chops. It should have a cover or you will need aluminum foil.



4 thick cut pork chops, with or without the bone

1/2 recipe sage stuffing OR stuffing mix made for 3-4 servings.

Salt and pepper to season



Mix up the stuffing and set to the side.

With a knife, cut a slit along the side of each pork chop. If it is a boneless chop, make sure not to go all the way through the back side of it. You just want to make a pocket.

Divide the stuffing and stuff each chop and put in pan.

Salt and pepper the chops.

Cover the pan.

Bake 45 minutes. Juices should run clear.If not, give it a few more minutes.

Serve and enjoy!


Can be made with gluten free bread,