One of the joys of summer is having an abundance of fresh fruit to eat and cook with.

The best way to keep any fruit fresher longer to to keep it whole and with the stem attached.

Apples and peaches and pears we never cut into before using because they will turn brown and maybe even mushy.

But most times we never think about stemming berries, cherries, and grapes for using later.

It is easier, but not better.

All berries, including grapes will keep longer with the stem attached.

So, if you want to make something with them, stem and/or pit them right before using.

If you stem them, they will only last a few days at most. Unstemmed, they can last up to a week or maybe longer.

Plus, if you stem or pit them they will lose nutritional value. If any of the skin gets ripped and exposes the inner fruit they just won’t be as healthy.

So, if you grow or pick your own berries or cherries, cut the stems when you pick instead of just pulling the berry off the stem.
Raspberries, due to the way they grow, do just get pulled off the stem.

If you buy them and they still have the stems, leave them til you are going to use them.