This is one of my larger long neck pumpkins. Not the largest I have, but it is pretty close.

You can call it a long neck pumpkin, brown neck, or Pennsylvania Dutch crook neck squash. Or, you can just call it tasty.

Last year a friend gave us one to try and bake things with it and report back to her on the flavor. Her and her family have a pumpkin patch and grow squashes and gourds and they were given seeds.

So, I kept some seeds and grew some of my own this year.

They went nuts and we have given away several, but I still have a lot left.

It is time to cook and puree.

They make great tasting pie and bars and muffins.

Since these are thinner skinned than actual pumpkins, I peel them first, chop them up, and bake until soft. That is usually for about an hour  to an hour and a half at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, you can cook them however you like.

Make pumpkin or squash soup. Use it in place of butternut squash in a recipe. Make pumpkin butter.

I think my neck long neck project will be trying to make pumpkin flour.

It sounds intriguing.