simple chocolate candies with chia seeds added in

Most everybody likes some chocolate once in a while. But, sometimes you don’t have any on hand or you want to go with something healthy or you don’t want to go to the trouble of making them because it can be complicated and take a long time.

But, these candies are simple. Fast to make and as healthy as a candy that you are probably going to find.
The longest part is waiting for them to firm up enough to eat.

This will make enough for 12 candies.

You will need a mini muffin pan with 12 muffin cups.
You will need an immersion blender. A whisk will work or a regular blender.


1/2 cup Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
2 Tablespoons honey, preferably raw
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract, optional
Possible add ins are chopped nuts, dried fruit, coconut, or chia seeds

Take out your mini muffin pan. If you want anything in your chocolate candies, sprinkle some of what you are using in the bottom of each cup.
Set aside.
Melt the coconut oil.
Put in a container that you can easily pour from and that will allow you to use the immersion blender or whisk. Or pour into the jar of blender.
Add the honey and blend in well so it does not separate.
Blend in the cocoa powder and optional vanilla extract.
Divide the mixture evenly between the muffin cups.
If you used a whisk, you will need to make sure to whisk between pours so the honey doesn’t separate.
Put into the freezer and keep in there for 30-60 minutes until the candies have firmed.

You can now take them out of the muffin pan pretty easily.
I have never tried just plopping them out. I take a knife and carefully lift them out.

If you have raw cacao powder, you will also get additional health benefits.

I do recommend keeping these in the fridge so they don’t melt or get too soft.