Things have been a little hectic around here lately.
Hence, the lack of new recipes posted.

I have been busy transplanting volunteer tomato plants and trying to rid the rest of the garden of little maple trees.

Tons of whirlygigs descended on my freshly tilled garden and sprouted.

The garden was too wet to till so I hoed up what I could.
As large as the garden is, it took a lot of time to do small areas.

Finally the garden has gotten tilled and hopefully things will get a little more settled.

I did get a chance to grill last night.
This is what we had:

My asparagus is slowing down, but I am getting a few spears a day yet.
I decided to try grilling it.

I drizzled the spears with olive oil and sprinkled with curry powder and kosher salt.
Put on the grill and turn frequently so the spears don’t burn.
When the spears are tender, take off the grill.
It only takes about 5 minutes total to cook them.

I also cooked some thick cut Iowa chops with Memphis Rub.
I will be posting that recipe in the next couple of days.

In the roaster is frozen corn.
I add a pint of corn and 2 tablespoons butter, cover and heat until hot.
That takes about 30 minutes.

Until next time!