Sometimes foods don’t turn out.
We can’t always pinpoint the reason.

It could be the oven temp.
It could be the pan.

Or it could be the ingredients.

All brands are not the same.
Two brands can seem to have the same ingredients and the right amount, but they can change how things turn out.

Butter is a good example.

One brand may melt easier than another brand.
They may taste similar, but when baking, foods don’t turn out the same way.

If one melts faster and you are making cookies,
the butter will leak out more before the cookies set up.

They may spread a little or a lot.

You may end up having to use more flour to account for the difference.

I have used a lot of different brands over the years.
It is always nice to take advantage of a sale or coupon.

But, my advice is that the first time you make a recipe, use the brand that works best for you.
That way, you know how the recipe should turn out.