When it comes to grilling a meal, I like to put as much of the food on the grill as I can.
This includes vegetables.

I don’t buy many vegetables. I grow them and freeze or can my bounty.
And eat a lot fresh too.

But, grilling time comes sooner than most garden veggies are ready.
But, you can impart some grilling flavor to your frozen vegetables and it’s oh so tasty.

Heat your grill up.
In an oven proof pan, add a little water, your frozen vegetables, and whatever seasoning you want.
Leave the pan lid off.

Put the pan on the grill for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
You will want to cover the grill so the vegetables get that nice smoky flavor.

This will work with charcoal as well as gas grills.
The charcoal may give it more of a smoky flavor.

Happy grilling!