Skinning chicken can be a hard thing to accomplish.

Some people hate skin, while others won’t go without.

But, it is healthier to eat chicken without the skin. All the fat is right underneath the skin.

Skinning chicken is pretty simple.

A lot of people talk about skinning it when it is partially frozen.
That is fine, but it is awfully cold.
If you have hands that are overly sensitive to the cold, you might want to try another method.

Here is what I do:

Have a few napkins or paper towels handy.

Get your poultry cut how you want.

Grab a paper towel in your hand and use that to skin the chicken.

Now, on one side, loosen the skin away from the meat.

With the paper towel in your hand, grab a hold of the skin and pull it down and off of the bone.

By using the napkin or paper towel, your hand will not get all slick from the chicken fat.
You will have a good grip and be able to pull it off.

When you just use your hands, your hands get really slippery and the skin just doesn’t want to pull off the bone.

Works like a charm!