When you are following a recipe there are always terms that used that you may not know.

I am going to give you some terms so you know what you need to do.

This list pretty much is for combining the ingredients.

Beat: For using a spoon, whisk, or electric mixer. You make the mixture smooth by using a vigorous over and under motion.

Blend: Thoroughly combining the ingredients until everything is smooth and uniform. Stir not as hard as with beating.

Fold: Use a rubber or silicone spatula for this. It is a two-fold motion. First you cut down through the mixture and underneath and fold the whole thing over on itself. Turn the bowl a 1/4 of a turn for every fold.
It is meant to be done slow and deliberate.
Because when folding in too fast, whatever you are folding in could break down.
A good example of this is beaten egg whites.

Mix: Just combine it up to distribute all the ingredients.

Stir: Mix ingredients with a circular or figure eight motion til everything is uniform.

Toss: With a spoon or fork or your hands just toss the ingredients together.
Just kinda fluff them. Don’t stir.