I love pasta salad so much. I could eat it all the time.

I never used to make it. I would eat it when I’d go somewhere or someone brought it to my place and I always loved it.

I searched for recipes or just bought a mix.

Than I realized I was making it much harder than it needed to be.

All you need is some pasta,whatever meat you want- if you want, cheese, and vegetables.
You will also need a bottle of salad dressing. Just whatever kind you like.

I usually take a handful of every veggie I am using.
If it is frozen, put it in a colander.
The rest goes into a big bowl with the meat. Use maybe a cup of meat.

Cook 3-4 cups of pasta.
Drain in the colander you have the frozen vegetables in. The hot water will thaw out the vegetables.
Rinse the pasta and vegetables in cold water. Drain well.

Pour the pasta/veggies into the bowl with the meat and other vegetables.
Add a handful of shredded cheese or small cubes of cheese.

Pour salad dressing over the mixture.
Just add enough to coat the pasta salad.

Chill until serving.

The pasta may absorb some of the salad dressing. So, if the salad seems dry, add a little more to moisten.

What could be easier?

That’s it.

Your pasta salad done your way.