Working with hot peppers can be hard on your hands.

Even if the pepper doesn’t seem to be that hot, the oils in the peppers can make your hands burn.
Especially if you will be seeding and/or chopping several of them.

The best way to handle a hot pepper is to cut them in half and use a sharp knife to scrape out the membrane and seeds.
The membrane and seeds have a lot of the hot oil and touching them will make your hands burn more than touching any other part of the pepper.

Once you have got the seeds out, lay the pepper cut side down to avoid touching the oils in it.

If you have disposable kitchen gloves now is the time to wear them.

That way you can scrape out seeds with your gloved hands if you have trouble scraping them out with your knife.

When you remove them, do so that you are turning them inside out as you peel them off.

If you don’t wear gloves, washing your hands will not always take all the oils away.
Some times they linger and when/if you touch your face, your face may burn.