When it comes to baking different foods, the finish can make all the difference in the world.

For baking cookies, a shiny finish will give you the best result. Your pan should be with no or very low sides to allow the heat to fully surround the cookies.

For baking brownies, breads, and cakes, a dull finish is the best.
A shiny finish reflects the heat and is a poor conductor.
A dark finish will cause the baked goods to cook much faster than it should.

Pies bake best in a dark finish. They also do well in Pyrex, ceramic, and stone.
Shiny pans don’t produce the best crust. They don’t really brown and don’t seem to crisp up as well on the bottom.

If all you have is a pan with a dark finish, decrease the baking temperature 25 degrees for cakes and breads.
For cookies, they may cook faster so check them a few minutes before the first baking time stated in the recipe.

For baking pies in a shiny pan: one way to make the bottom crust crisp up well is to preheat the oven with a baking stone or a cookie sheet and bake the pie on that.
It will still have a lighter crust, especially if it is a shortening crust.
If you have shiny cake pans they will still make a good cake, but when it comes time to get news ones, buy ones with a dull finish.