You can make so many different meals by starting off with basically the same core ingredients.

Start off with pasta and meat. Now add tomatoes and by changing what spices you use, you can make a Mexican type dish or you can make anItalian type dish.

Or you can start with Macaroni and cheese. You can pretty much add anything and get a new taste.
Sometimes I add tuna and peas. Or maybe broccoli and ham.
I even make a chicken enchilada pasta by adding chicken, cumin, onions, and peppers to it. To make it more creamy sometimes I add some sour cream too.

I love making biscuits and adding things to compliment the dish we are having.
If it is Italian, I add cheese to the dough and brush with melted garlic butter after baking.
For Mexican meals, I add a bit of cumin and chili powder to the dough.

It is fun to experiment with your dishes. You might be amazed at finding a favorite when just changing things up.